What are the IberostarPOINTS?

The IberostarPOINTS are points users can earn only when they make reservations at Iberostar.com or Thegrandcollection.com. These points can be redeemed for IberostarGIFTS during the booking process, and the gifts can be enjoyed during your stay at the hotel or saved and kept in your accounts for future redemption (users must be registered and logged in before or during the booking process).

How can I earn IberostarPOINTS?

You can earn them making your reservation on our websites, Iberostar.com and Thegrandcollection.com. IberostarPOINTS is not the hotel chain’s official customer loyalty programme; it is a promotional programme exclusive to the online platform.

During the booking process on our sites, users get points whose amount grows higher with higher booking amounts (view ‘What is my customer type?’). To classify users into types, the bookings made at Iberostar.com and Thegrandcollection.com are taken into account. Users must be registered and logged in during the booking process.

The IberostarPOINTS are not available for bookings made via channels or platforms other than those mentioned above.

What is my customer type?

Types of customers:

  • Registered users who haven’t made bookings yet. They’ll get at most 10% of the reservation amount in the form of IberostarPOINTS.
  • Registered users who have stayed only once in our hotels. They’ll get at most 12% of the reservation amount in the form of IberostarPOINTS plus extra benefits.
  • Registered users with three stays (or one or two stays worth €5,000). They’ll get at most 15% of the booking amount in the form of IberostarPOINTS plus exclusive extra benefits.

To classify users into types, all the bookings made that comply with the requirements and are associated to the email address registered at My IBEROSTAR are taken into account. You can view your bookings at My IBEROSTAR.

Can I save my IberostarPOINTS to redeem them in future bookings?

Certainly. First you must sign up at Iberostar.com or Thegrandcollection.com, and be logged in before making your booking. If you don’t sign in, you won’t be able to save or add points for future redemption.

The IberostarPOINTS earned with the booking and saved for future redemption will be available in your account upon check-out of the booking that generated those points. You must sign to make your booking and save the points generated with it.

Where can I view my IberostarPOINTS?

Throughout the booking process you’ll be able to view the IberostarPOINTS generated with the booking you’re making. If you’re logged in, you’ll be able to view all your points. If you only want to view your IberostarPOINTS information, just access the section titled ‘My IBEROSTAR’, where there’s a record of your points transactions.

What can I get with my IberostarPOINTS?

During the booking process you can redeem your IberostarPOINTS for gifts. Each gift is worth a given number of IberostarPOINTS. The gifts offered with the bookings vary with the type of customer, the amount of the reservation and the hotel booked. You can check out the gifts at My IBEROSTAR.

Why aren’t my points visible during the booking process?

To view your points during the booking process, you must sign up and be logged in.

IberostarPOINTS terms and conditions: The IberostarPOINTS programme is available in all IBEROSTAR hotels in Spain.

Points have been available since 10 July 2013, when the programme was launched.

If you make your booking less than 48 hours prior to arrival, your IberostarGIFTS may not be available upon arrival at the hotel. View terms and conditions here: IberostarPOINTS terms and conditions